Finding Balance….Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

In the 5 years since I started my dream of owning my own photography business, my life has changed in so many positive ways.  I got married, had 2 sons, and my dream became a very successful reality.  With all of these changes I have had to make many business changes along the way – most importantly – find the perfect balance between family, friends, and my business.  In the beginning I took on anything and everything that I could, but as I grew it became impossible to say yes to every client, all the time. Last year I changed the way I ran things.  I have set days that I shoot, set days to edit, and I take a limited number of weddings per year (25-30) and it has worked so well for me.  I also added staff photographers to my team to help accommodate more clients and now they are fully booked for this wedding season as well! This year I am drastically reducing the number of Baby, Maternity, & Family portrait sessions I will be shooting – simply because I can not do them all and I have to make the time for myself and my family.  I want to focus on my true passion, Weddings and High School Seniors Portrait Photography. But don’t fret, I will be holding mini session dates at least 2 times a year to accommodate as many of my current family clients as possible.  And Heather (my lead staff photographer) will be doing some portrait sessions when things slow down as well.  SO – if you want family pictures keep a lookout for announcements on mini session dates (the next one is April 14th). I have been blessed beyond measure and am so thankful for all of my past, current, and future clients!  I appreciate each and every one of you!

Cincinnati Maternity Photographer {rhonda}

Meet Rhonda & Jabali!  You will be seeing more of them on the blog when their little girl is born in April!  Rhonda and I go way back to our former lives, at Comair as sky waitresses…it’s always nice to catch up and get to document the exciting times in my friends lives.  Here are some sneak peeks of Rhonda’s Maternity Session last week.  Can’t wait to meet your beautiful baby girl very soon!

Cincinnati Maternity Photographers {teresa}

I met with Teresa and her husband last week for a quick Maternity Session before the arrival of their little one in November.  We literally shot for 30 mins and got such great images (which Im sure Mom was excited about – we all know how uncomfortable the end of Pregnancy can get and all you want to do it go home & get in your comfy clothes and chill on the sofa! – Well as least that is what I wanted to do!)  Teresa was glowing and looked beautiful!  Here are some of my favorites from their Maternity Session in Ault Park.

Favorite!Love the yummy light streaming through!Seriously beautiful!

Chrissy & Curtis {cincinnati maternity photographer}

Curtis was in the wedding party of a recent wedding I shot…a very memorable wedding party, that got stuck on the purple people bridge in the middle of a HUGE rain storm. We laughed about how the guys had to strip down once at the church to dry out their clothes (since they of course being the nice gentlemen they are, got the worst of it!)…definitely a wedding with lots of fun stories:)

Curtis and his wife Chrissy are expecting their first child and wanted to use the first session of their baby plan package for a maternity session. So I guess Im really introducing Abby for the first time, my newest baby plan baby…still in mommy’s tummy!

Here are a few sneak peaks of their maternity pictures!

John (Former Groom) this next series is for you to post on the computers at work to get Curtis back:)Love this:)The bracelet that Curtis bought Chrissy when they found out they were expecting…so sweet:)