If its one thing Covid has taught us it is to be patient and readily able to pivot our most well thought out plans. Nice contacted me when her original date was affected by Covid shutdowns to re-schedule to a September date. Throughout this process myself and staff have had to swap clients and juggle all moving parts to make this season work for everyone. And I am proud to say I think we did a pretty good job of making sure all of our clients and staff were well cared for. That being said, it is SO strange to know what is usually my business time of year, Fall, actually marks the END of the 2020 wedding season for me. Thats right – this past weekend was officially my last wedding for 2020, due to darn Covid. (Dont worry, Heather has a couple more pretties that’ll the blog) Nicole and Brian were the PERFECT wedding to end my 2020 year with – they were awesome to work with and their event was beauiful! Check out lots of my favorites from their gorgeous day (filled with perfect weather unlike their original date! )

Nicole + Brian :: The Summit Hotel -Cincinnati Wedding

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