Hello All!

MPP is once again ready to add some great people to the wedding photography team!  This will start as an intern position in which you will shadow a current assistant to check out the wedding day process and make sure its something you want to be a part of.  Once you are ready to assist me at weddings by yourself you will be compensated.  I will be accepting assistant applications until mid January.  No experience is necessary, but a passion for photography and all things weddings is a MUST:)

What I am looking for:  

-Must be available weekends (Duh!  Thats when weddings take place:)

-Must be dependable (Seriously, there are no re-do’s in weddings – so even if an awesome party comes up, if you are committed to an event – you have to be dedicated  & responsible to be there.)

-Someone who can take direction well, loves hands on learning, and has a desire to learn the ropes of wedding photography.

What I am NOT looking for:

-Someone who would like to go to 2-3 weddings with me to build their portfolio with intention to immediately leave &  book their own weddings.  I need someone the entire 2013 year and hopefully 2014 as well.  I know everyone has to start somewhere, but I need someone/people who will be focused on MPP and dedicated to help makes our wedding seasons a success.


So, if this sounds like something you would enjoy, wedding cake is your thing, and you would like to have a guaranteed good time – send me your resume/application and we will chat over coffee/tea about the details.






2013 MPP Photography Assistant

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