4 Tips for Creating Gorgeous Light Anywhere, Anytime, and Especially at High Noon It would be lovely if we could always shoot our couples during that golden hour right before sunset to wrap our subject in gorgeous warm light , but as all wedding photographers know, its just not always possible. So here are ways […]

Quick Fix Series :: Natural Lighting :: Mandy Paige Photography

January 6, 2016


Looking through Wedding Magazines, blogs, & Pinterst, you will quickly realize that most of the wedding inspiration is based on details.  The wedding details create the look & feel of the event and help tell the story of the day.  Some weddings are FULL of beautiful well thought out details and others are simplistic in […]

QUICK FIX Series :: DETAILS RECEPTIONS :: Mandy Paige Photography

December 22, 2015


In today’s Quick FIX Series I will be discussing how to nail your Ring & Jewelry shots.  I have a few simple tricks that help me create gorgeous images of the bridal jewelry & rings. 1: USE A MACRO LENS: First & foremost you need to use a macro lens for up close detail shots. […]

QUICK FIX Series :: DETAIL SHOTS :: Mandy Paige Photography

December 9, 2015


In this QUICK FIX SERIES I’m covering how to handle those large unruly wedding parties quickly and effectively to get the shots your couple needs and deserves.  We’ve all had them.  That wedding party of 22 that’s had a little too much fun on the way to portraits.  Or the group that had a little […]

QUICK FIX SERIES :: POSING :: Mandy Paige Photography

December 5, 2015