In today’s Quick FIX Series I will be discussing how to nail your Ring & Jewelry shots.  I have a few simple tricks that help me create gorgeous images of the bridal jewelry & rings.


First & foremost you need to use a macro lens for up close detail shots.  Since I shoot Canon gear, I use the Canon 100 L 2.8.  This allows me to get close to the ring or accessory and zero in on the diamond.

2: PREP:

I look for anything sparkly or reflective that I can use as a background, incorporate wedding colors, or use the dress/veil to create a pretty background for the details.  If soft window light is not available I use a video light at a 45 degree angle as to make the diamond sparkle but not cause reflection on the face of  the diamond.  Keep in mind using the macro and being super close to your subject will make the background creamy and make sparkly things burst with bokeh.


Switch your focus over to manual mode and make sure the stabilization is on if your lens has that option.  Focus can get a little tricky when you are that close to your object – the slightest shake and it’ll be blurry so I tend to still use a hard surface such as table to steady my camera making sure image comes out tact sharp.  Focus on the prong closest to your lens instead of the diamond itself to ensure your diamond comes out tact sharp.


Although I usually always shoot with a large aperture of 1.2-2.8, this is the ONLY time I ever shoot above 2.8.  For ring shots I will bump the aperture up to f.8-f.10, and drop my shutter speed to 80.  This keeps the entire ring in focus and lets in ambient light.  If taking a shot of both rings together or another jewelry piece, 2.8 is just too shallow depth of field to get enough of the accessories in focus.  Don’t worry, because you are using a macro and are very close your subject you will still have plenty of bokeh in your image.


I love to look for a different perspective when shooting details.  I love the look of reflective surfaces.  I use mirrors, glass, or a shiny black table top to create this look.  Shooting from above and slightly through the flowers is another favorite for my details.  The possibilities are endless.


When processing a detail shot in LR I like to bump up the sharpness & add a small amount of clarity for just a little extra oomph.  Sometimes I will use the adjustment brush on lowered saturation to pull the color out of the diamond itself if there is a color cast just make sure it shines clear as possible.

I hope this helps you in creating gorgeous images of your bridal bling.

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