This is the cute and sweet baby Rylee! Often when I am at weddings I will sit anywhere there is an open seat to grab a quick bite to eat during the reception, and a few months ago I had the pleasure of sitting next to Rylee’s mommy and chatting with her for a bit. So when she contacted to me to do Rylee’s baby pictures I was excited to meet the baby girl we had talked about that night! Here she is…all smiles!
Here are a few of my favorites from Rylee’s 6 month pictures.

Cincinnati Baby Photographer {rylee}

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  1. Joanne Hollmann says:

    Thank you Mandi! You captured the cutest photos of Rylee. You captured so many of her cute little expressive faces. One shot is cuter than the next! Kelly is thrilled with them, and so are we. Of course I’m Rylee’s grandma, so they are extra, extra special to me. I’m also thrilled to have such a nice little family photo of them too. Thanks so much. Your work is beautiful!

  2. Joanne Hollmann says:

    The photos of Rylee are so precious! You really managed to capture her personality and some of her uniquely her facial expressions! I love the shots with Mom and Dad, and love the fact that their little family photo turned out so awesome! Thanks Mandi. Sincerely, Rylee’s Grandma!

  3. Joanne Hollmann says:

    LOL! I swear the first message wasn’t there when I went back in to the website to look at the photos again. It said message error! So I reposted a similar comment. Please don’t think I’m crazy for commenting three times now! sorry…..

  4. Kristina Schwartz says:

    Absolutely adorable! I shared with my co-workers who loved the pictures!