Kelly & Jeremy are a part of a group of friends that I have had the pleasure to work with every year for the past 4 or 5 wedding seasons…so this was a reunion of sorts for me:)  These two have been dating since they were kids – literally, they have been together for YEARS so this was a long time coming.  Everyone was so excited to see them tie the know and after all this time they are still so sweet and cute together.  Thank you for letting us be a part of the celebration!  Here are some favorites!

It was a very emotional day for Kelly whose Dad was looking down on her from Heaven…She had many reminders of him with her every step of the way:)Attack of the giant pink balloons!  🙂 Best. Speech. Ever…This is the part where Rachel told the to look into each others eyes because statistically speaking they were looking into the eyes of the person most likely to murder them…Seriously Rachel – you are too funny! Here’s a few of my former couples:)FAVORITE! Hands Down!

Cincinnati Wedding Photographers {kelly & jeremy} :: Anderson Center

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