After MUCH time, thought, and preparation – Mandy Paige Photography has made some BIG changes in 2012.  First of all I re-vamped our entire Website, Logo, and Brand!  I have had the logo & branding ready to go for months now – but getting the website ready for launch (and getting my domain name back from the hostage hosting company I was using prior to this switch) proved to take ALOT more time than anticipated – but I am so excited to finally have it all come together!  My new website, blog, Facebook Page, marketing materials, & packaging all reflect my brand – which to me is an extension of my style…light & airy with a vintage feel.  Plus, now I have HTML-5 making my website the same no matter what device potential & current clients are using.  So pull out your smartphones & iPad and check it out!

Second big change is that three of my second shooters, who are all fantastic photographers, have taken on a larger role in the company and are now being teamed up to book their own clients through Mandy Paige Photography.  This new chapter of Mandy Paige Photography has already proven to be a success with the 2012 wedding season booked for us all.  I am so thankful to have such wonderful girls on my team!

So without further ado…Check out the new look of Mandy Paige Photography and let us know what you think!

Cincinnati Wedding Photographers {new site! new look!}

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