Sarah and Matt are that couple that you can’t help but adore and admire. I’ve been looking forward to this wedding since their engagement session this past fall. These two love each other so fiercely that it is an amazing thing to watch. Their wedding took place at Canopy Creek Farms where Sarah’s oldest son had the privilege of walking his mom down the aisle to meet Matt, talk about a tear jerker! After a very touching ceremony that was officiated by Sarah’s stepdad, we took some quick portraits where Matt had no problem bringing those genuine smiles to Sarah’s face. I mean, Sarah is a beauty all by herself but put these two together and WHOA talk about knock outs! It’s no secret that toasts are my favorite part of wedding days and Sarah’s daughters did a beautiful job talking about their mom and Matt. They brought tears to almost everyone in the room and you can tell they are overjoyed with Matt being officially part of their family. Sarah and Matt, thank you for letting us play a part in your day, you are not only two amazing people, but you are raising four great kids. I consider myself lucky to have met all of you!

I hope you enjoy many of my favorites from your day!


Sarah + Matt :: Canopy Creek Farms :: Cincinnati Wedding Photographers

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