It is hard to believe that just one year ago today I held my new baby boy in my arms for the first time.  All 10# 7.5 oz of him.  You fit seamlessly into our wacky family and who could have known that you would have the best big brother on the planet to help guide you through life?  You light up a room with your toothy smile.  You are feisty, spunky, and good natured through and through.  You think your Daddy is the funniest person in the world.  You love your mommy like no other.  You think Chase is a rockstar.  I hope you never change – I want you to grow into the personality plus person I already know you are destined to be, but I want you to know you are forever my baby!

Happy First Birthday Connley…I love you with all of my heart (especially now that you are mostly sleeping through the night:)  I love you more today than I did yesterday, but less than I will tomorrow.



Happy First Birthday Connley!

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